Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence?  Which pictures are showing domestic violence?  How can we stop domestic violence?  You'll find the answers to all 3 questions in these lessons.

Video Lessons

Click on the picture (left) to go to 6 video lessons about domestic violence.  The lessons will open on the YouTube website.

Lessons You Can Download and Print

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  • How to Avoid Violence in Your Community - Gangs are a dangerous form of violence.  Warn children about violence.  Do everything you can to avoid violence.  This lesson has some excellent tips about avoiding violence.


  • Keep Away from Violence - Violence is everywhere -- on the streets, on TV, in the news.  Even some sports are violent.  Do you think there is too much violence in Pinellas County?  

Online Activities

These online activities will help you know what to do when  violence threatens you.