Home Safety

How well are you protecting yourself and your family from fires and accidents?

What causes most house fires? 

What household chemical must you NEVER use with bleach?  Why?


You will learn the answers to these and many more question as you study Home Safety.



Video Lessons

Click on the picture (at left) to go to 6 video lessons about home safety.  The lessons will open on YouTube.

Lessons You Can Download and Print

Here are three lesson booklets to study.  Click on a title to download it.

  • How Safe is Your Home?  This 10-page booklet has excellent safety check lists.  It has good advice for your entire family, so share what you learn.
  • Fire!  This lesson has 12 pages.  It tells why to teach every child to stop, drop, and roll!  It also tells about wild fires, kitchen fires, and how to have a fire drill for your family.
  • Household Poisons  There are so many things in a home that can poison children.  Some very common items don't mix.  Many medicines can poison, even kill.  This lesson has lots of hints about keeping your family safe.  It also tells how to get help in case of a poison emergency.  The lesson is 13 pages long.