You're never too young -- or too old -- to recycle.

Do you know where your trash goes when you recycle?  

Have you visited the trash-to-steam plant, yet?

If your answer to either question is no, take a look at this video provided by Pinellas County Communications.  Just click on the image (at right) to see the video.

Video Lessons

Click on the picture (below) to go to 6 video lessons about recycling, re-using and reducing what we throw away.  The lessons will open on YouTube.

Lessons You Can Download and Print

This 12-page unit has lots of information and many exercises to test your knowledge about recycling in Pinellas County.  Click on the picture (at right) to download.


Some of the subjects included are:

  • What does Reduce Mean?
  • What does Recycle Mean?
  • What does Reuse Mean?
  • Curbside Recycling and Drop Off Recycling
  • How the HEC3 Can Help You