The Police

Pinellas County Sheriff Officers

Do you know what to do if a police officer stops you in Pinellas County?  That's one of many important things you will learn in this unit.  You will also learn how to answer questions and what to do when police question you.


Video Lessons

Click on the picture (right) to go to 6 video lessons about you and the police.  The lessons will open on YouTube.


The videos in this playlist are:

  1. Opening Videos  Watch as a policeman stops a driver; watch as he questions a man walking down the street;  Why was the driver arrested?  Why was the walker stopped by the police officer?
  2. Words to Know   The teacher explains law, legal, illegal, victim, criminal, suspect, and arrest.
  3. Vocabulary  Words that police often use are explained, including driver's license and insurance card.
  4. Conversations  Watch, listen, then practice these conversations; they will help you know what to say if police stop you.
  5. Grammar  Learn common commands police use: Put your hands on your head!  Turn around!  etc.
  6. Let's Ask an Expert! Officer Fidelis of the Clearwater Police Departsment answers questions about the police, crime, and gangs.  He also tells how to avoid being robbed.  Officer Fidelis learned English after he came to the US.  He has some good advice for newcomers.

Lessons You Can Download and Print

Download and study this 10-page unit on The Police carefully.  The information is very important.  The English lessons are very practical.  Just click on the picture (right) to read or download the lesson.


Here are 2 other lessons about police.  Click on a title (below):